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State-of-the-art car simulators, offering high-fidelity, immersive training environments. Designed specifically for a variety of cars, the JN-CH03 Pro series provides realistic experiences with advanced technologies like motion platforms and lifelike controls. Ideal for training drivers in diverse road conditions and scenarios, they ensure safety and enhance driving skills. The series is versatile, catering to different car models and driving styles. It integrates real-world physics and customizable scenarios, making it an invaluable tool for both novice and experienced drivers. The JN-CH03 Pro emphasizes safety, efficiency, and practical skills, effectively preparing drivers for real-life road challenges.


The JN-CH03 Pro Series simulation systems you've described represent a significant advancement in simulation technology, particularly in the realm of vehicle training. Here's a breakdown of their key features:

  1. High Technology and Special Equipment: The use of advanced technology and specialized equipment in the JN-CH03 Pro Series indicates a commitment to high-quality and effective simulation experiences. This likely includes cutting-edge computing power, sophisticated software algorithms, and high-resolution visual displays.

  2. Real Vehicle Equipment Integration: Equipping the simulators with actual vehicle components greatly enhances the realism of the training experience. This can include real car steering systems, pedals, gearshifts, and instrument panels, allowing trainees to feel as if they are in an actual vehicle.

  3. Extensive Software Support: Offering a wide range of software support suggests that these systems can simulate various driving conditions and scenarios. This versatility is crucial for comprehensive driver training, allowing users to experience and adapt to different driving environments and situations.

  4. Specially Developed Support Hardware: The inclusion of custom-developed hardware tailored to the simulation system further increases the authenticity and effectiveness of the training. This could involve motion platforms to simulate vehicle movement, force feedback systems for realistic steering resistance, and other sensory feedback mechanisms.

  5. High Reality Experience: The combination of real vehicle equipment, specialized hardware, and advanced software support culminates in a highly realistic simulation experience. This level of realism is essential for effective training, as it closely replicates the actual conditions and challenges drivers will face on the road.

Technical Specs
Pedal System
Potentiometer based sensors
Instrument Cluster
Analog RPM & Speedometer + 7.1’’ TFT LCD Vehicle Computer
Camera System
720p Camera System
Laser cut - Electrostatic Painted Chassis
Motion Platform
3 DOF Motion System
Manuel or Automatic
Visual System
3x43’’ LED (5760 x 1080 Pixel Resolution) – Half Closed Cabin
Driver Seat
Multifunctional Driver Seat with Weight Adjustment
Radio (optional)
VW Golf
Instructor Station
On Mount - 21’’ Touch Monitor
Required Space
8 m2
Sound System
Integrated Sound System – 5+1 Surround System + Bluetooth Headset
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