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In the realm of military maintenance, Augmented (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies are revolutionizing how equipment is serviced and repaired. These innovative tools provide interactive, real-time assistance, blending digital information with the physical world. AR and MR enable military personnel to conduct complex maintenance tasks with enhanced precision and efficiency, even in scenarios with limited skilled manpower. By overlaying digital instructions and visuals directly onto physical equipment, these technologies facilitate quicker diagnostics, streamlined repairs, and effective training, significantly reducing downtime and improving operational readiness. This integration of AR and MR into military maintenance represents a major leap forward in ensuring the resilience and reliability of critical defense assets.



  1. Remote Expert Assistance: Juno AXR enables experienced engineers to provide real-time guidance and support to personnel on the ground, regardless of their location. This can include overlaying digital information, instructions, or diagrams over the physical equipment being worked on, allowing for more precise and accurate maintenance.

  2. Training and Skill Development: Juno AXR can be used for training maintenance personnel, providing an interactive and immersive learning experience. It can simulate various maintenance scenarios, allowing trainees to practice and refine their skills without the need for actual physical equipment.

  3. Efficient Maintenance and Repair: With Juno AXR, maintenance staff can quickly identify and resolve issues by overlaying digital information onto physical equipment. This can significantly reduce the time and resources required for troubleshooting and repair.

  4. Enhanced Collaboration: Juno AXR facilitates better collaboration among teams. Maintenance personnel in the field can share their real-time view with remote experts, who can annotate, guide, and provide immediate feedback, effectively bridging the gap caused by limited skilled personnel.

  5. Documentation and Compliance: Juno AXR can assist in documenting maintenance procedures and ensuring compliance with military standards. It can guide personnel through standardized processes, ensuring that all necessary steps are followed accurately.

  6. Scalability and Flexibility: Juno AXR technology can be scaled across various types of military equipment and environments. Whether it’s land vehicles, naval ships, or aircraft, AR applications can be customized to meet specific maintenance needs.

  7. Reducing Downtime and Costs: By streamlining maintenance processes and reducing the need for physical presence of experts, Juno AXR can help minimize equipment downtime and associated costs.

  8. Supply Chain Integration: Juno AXR can also be integrated into supply chain management, assisting personnel in identifying and ordering the correct parts, thereby improving the efficiency of the supply chain.


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Mixed reality is a whole new concept of the virtual experience, since it allows for combining digital objects with the real environment and interacting with them in real-time. Mixed reality adds more excitements and nuance to the world through stunning visuals and digital objects added to the user's point of view. The headsets that provide this experience absolutely transform the way people see the world around them. The most prominent mixed reality devices are Microsoft HoloLens (a stand-alone holographic device), Epson, and Cinoptics, which deliver MR for military, healthcare, and aviation industries.

Augmented and Mixed Reality

Step Up for Military Maintenance

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