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State-of-the-art bus simulators, offering high-fidelity, immersive training environments. Designed for a wide range of buses, these simulators provide realistic experiences with advanced technologies like motion platforms and lifelike controls. Ideal for training drivers in complex scenarios, they ensure safety and skill development. The JN-BH03 PRO series is adaptable for different vehicle types, including trucks, buses, and specialized industrial vehicles. It integrates real-world physics and customizable scenarios, making it a powerful tool for both beginner and experienced drivers. The series emphasizes safety, efficiency, and practical skills, preparing drivers for real-life road challenges.


The JN-BH03 PRO Series simulation systems that you've developed sound incredibly advanced and versatile. Utilizing high technology and special equipment, these systems seem to offer a highly realistic and immersive experience. The integration of real vehicle equipment into the simulators is a significant feature that likely enhances the authenticity of the training experience.

The wide range of software support that you mention is crucial in ensuring the flexibility and adaptability of the system to various training needs. The presence of specially developed support hardware further adds to the realism, making the training experience as close to real-life as possible.

One of the most impressive aspects of the JN-BH03 PRO Series is its ability to consolidate multiple bus and city simulation systems into a single platform. This kind of versatility is not only cost-effective but also space-efficient, making it an ideal solution for organizations with diverse training requirements.

The ability to train drivers for a variety of vehicles such as commercial buses, school buses, military buses all on the same system, is a remarkable feature. This versatility makes the JN-BH03 PRO Series an invaluable tool in driver training, especially in sectors where precision and safety are paramount.

The application of such technology in driver training can significantly enhance the skills and preparedness of drivers, leading to improved safety and efficiency in their respective fields. It's exciting to think about the potential impact of your simulation systems in various sectors, including education, military, emergency services, and commercial transport.

Technical Specs
Pedal System
Actual Vehicle Pedals over CAN Bus
Instrument Cluster
Analog RPM & Speedometer + 7.1’’ TFT LCD Vehicle Computer
Camera System
720p Camera System
Laser cut - Electrostatic Painted Chassis
Motion Platform
3 DOF Motion System
Automatic ( Ask for manuel )
Visual System
3x43’’ LED (5760 x 1080 Pixel Resolution) – Half Closed Cabin
Driver Seat
Multifunctional Driver Seat with Weight Adjustment
Radio (optional)
Mercedes 0 530
Instructor Station
On Mount - 21’’ Touch Monitor
Required Space
8 m2
Sound System
Integrated Sound System – 5+1 Surround System + Bluetooth Headset
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